Pinterest’s Halloween Message: We’re Not Frighteningly Perfect

By Cameron Scott 

In a Happy Halloween message on the company’s blog post and on the company board, Pinterest staff posted photos of costume and jack-o’-lantern ideas that they’d created themselves. But if you are expecting clever, perfectly executed objects and attire, you’re in for a surprise.

One pumpkin is uncarved, and simply features the word Pinterest in glued-on metal studs.

The team also posted photos of themselves in costume, many of them dressed as one another.

pinterest, e-commerce, photo-sharing, social networksThe images, taken in the company’s new offices near Zynga in San Francisco, seem determined to depict Pinterest as a rough-hewn startup, rather than a glitzy established social network, even though, in reality, it is both.

Pinterest seems to want to push its users to use it more, rather than just to ogle well crafted photographs on it. It’s an interesting move. On the one hand, a lower bar on the quality of photos will likely result in more photos uploaded per user. But, on the other, it’s the beauty of the photographs it displays that has positioned Pinterest to drive more traffic per user to e-commerce sites than other social networks, causing more than one established player to emulate it.