Pinterest Users More Likely to Vote for Mitt Romney [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

If you find yourself on Pinterest more often than Etsy, you might be a Romney supporter, according to this infographic. See where you fall on the political spectrum based on the social media sites you use — the results may surprise you.

In what is easily the most shocking analysis of social media demographics that we have ever seen, Engage and TrendSetter have collaborated on a chart that shows how users of each social network are likely to vote in the upcoming presidential elections. According to their analysis of Facebook likes, Democrats like Spotify, Tumblr, and Yelp; while Republicans prefer LinkedIn and Twitter.

The chart also shows which sites draw more politically active users.  On both ends, the top networks are based on information and commerce – some aren’t even social. On the right, you have the payment transaction service PayPal and online auction site EBay. Quora has some of the most politically active, left-leaning voters of any other social network, while BuzzFeed takes the top spot for its social reading experience.

But reading isn’t everything. Reddit users also support President Obama, but according to this chart, they are less politically engaged than other social media users.  On the far right of the chart, FarmVille players might also be too busy gaming to show up to the voting booth to give Mitt Romney their support.

Even more interesting are the factions within larger networks that are broken down by product. Facebook itself is politically neutral, but its latest acquisition, Instagram, has a liberal user base. Even FarmVille and Angry Birds, two of Facebook’s most popular apps, sit on opposite sides of the line. With Google, Gmail and Search users are more likely to vote for President Obama than YouTube viewers, who could go either way.

Now you know where to go to talk politics with like-minded people. Do you agree with all of these? (Click on the image to see a larger version.)