Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Niche Retailers Than to Major Sites

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, e-commercePinterest users aren’t clicking over to big-name e-commerce sites at the rate that some industry watchers have suggested, according to a study from Compete Analytics.

The data shows that the bulk of Pinterest visitors click through to other social networking sites and search engines. A few smaller commerce sites get more traffic from Pinterest than the big players, Amazon and Walmart.

The most popular site that users leaving Pinterest go to is Facebook, but its share of outbound Pinterest traffic is falling off dramatically. Twitter‘s is increasing quickly, but still only accounts for a small share.

Lesser social sites including Blogspot, YouTube and Tumblr are also popular destinations.

Among e-commerce sites, Etsy gets most traffic, with more than twice what Amazon gets despite having a far more limited selection of products. (Etsy’s total share of outbound traffic is 1 percent.) Etsy’s niche audience syncs nicely with Pinterest’s crafty and female-leaning user base. Etsy was also the first e-commerce site to include “Pin It” widgets on every item listing. gets only a tiny fraction less traffic than Amazon. Walmart didn’t get enough traffic to rank.

Complete concludes that mega-retailers like Amazon and Walmart need to do a better job of tapping Pinterest. The company also concludes that individual users are most dedicated to leveraging Pinterest, and have seen success as Pinterest visitors click out to their blogs and Etsy shops.