Pinterest Causes Stress Among Moms, Survey Finds

By Cameron Scott 

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via Pinterest Fail

While it’s popular among women, Pinterest is causing stress among moms, who see all of the photos of other women’s food, home and craft triumphs as evidence of their own failure, a TODAY show survey of 7,000 mothers found.

The survey found that 42 percent of women experienced such “Pinterest stress.” Mothers rated their overall average stress level at an 8.5 out of 10.

TODAY quoted Jenna Andersen, the 28-year-old Palo Alto mother behind the blog Pinterest Fail, which documents failed attempts to replicate projects found on Pinterest.

“We have a hard time enjoying our own experiences because we feel it’s not worthy of this invisible judge. It’s so easy to get depressed. You start to feel like your entire life has to be like a magazine all the time,” Andersen told TODAY.

Pinterest wants to be a source of inspiration, but Andersen describes it as “a site of unrealized dreams.”

Pinterest didn’t immediately respond to a request to comment.

SocialTimes checked in with a few moms who use Pinterest to see if it made them feel inadequate. Most said no.

“I really only use it for tracking books and music I am interested in. No crafty stuff for me,” said Ellen Hobbs of San Francisco.

“I use it as a resource. I don’t have the time for the big crazy stuff some people post,” said Traci Amberbride of Luck, Wisconsin.

But Kimberly Mitchell, of Gainesville, Florida, seemed to fall victim to “Pinterest stress.”

“It’s like competing with Martha Stewart at times. Perhaps if I had any help or never needed to sleep I, too, could make my toddler’s food into Disney characters with fairy dust and look like a super model while doing so,” she said.

Mary C. Long, a mom and the co-editor of MediaBistro’s All Twitter blog, said, “I filter my photos on Instagram just like everyone else. I guess I just know all anyone shares is that perfect shot. It’s ALL fake.”

So cheer up, Kim. You nailed it.