DIY Infographic Site Piktochart Gets a New Look

By Devon Glenn 

If data visualization is an art, using Piktochart is like having Bob Ross at the computer, whipping up infographics faster than you can say “happy little trees.” Today, the site for making charts with no design skills necessary has enhanced its portfolio of prefabricated themes to include new interactive features.

The cloud-based design tool offers 77 designs — some for free, others through a premium membership — that you can customize with your own data and images. Here’s what’s new:

1. You can now use tabs to add layers to a chart that might otherwise become too cluttered with information.

2. Clickable hyperlinks give readers the option to click away from the chart to another page. This is useful for companies that are using the infographic to showcase a service or product.

3. All of the infographics are shareable on social media networks and embeddable on websites. Previously, readers would have had to save the images on their computers and upload them manually.

“Our team is very excited with the release of the new Piktochart, which aims to further improve user experience,” said Piktochart CEO Ai Ching Goh in a statement. “Customers were interested in a way to allow readers to interact with data on infographics. So, we’ve introduced interactive functions in the new Piktochart — a boost to an emerging breed of infographics.”