TMI! Are You Posting Too Much Personal Information Online? [Infographic]

By Megan O'Neill 

“You have the right to remain private.  Anything you post can and will be used against you.”  So states a new infographic from TrendLabs that takes a look at the risks of posting too much personal information in social networks.

Popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ let you post all sorts of personal information, from your location (i.e. where you are right at this moment) to who all your friends are, your full name, your personal email and phone number, your birthday, your photographs, your links across the web and more.

Many of us post and share this information without batting an eyelash.  The infographic, ‘The Risks of Posting in Social Networks,’ illustrates why we should think twice before sharing “TMI” on the web.

The risks of making too much of your information publicly available include damaging your reputation, cyber bullying, falling prey to social engineering schemes, identity theft, targeted advertising and real-world threats like burglary and stalking.

Check out the full infographic below and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.  Are you careful about what you post in social networks?

Are You Revealing Too Much On Social Networks?

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