Payvment Puts New Face On Facebook Commerce With Beta Launch Of

By David Cohen 

Facebook commerce platform Payvment launched its first major initiative since the resignation of CEO Christian Taylor last month, announcing the beta release of product discovery destination

Payvment’s 175,000 or so sellers offer some 4.5 million products, and will feature those that generate the most buzz on Facebook and Twitter, in real-time, combined with the simplest of ratings systems: a smiley face, a “meh” face, or a frown. The company added that users can change their reactions to products if, for example, more colors are made available, or prices are changed.

One-click payment will also be offered after users input their information once, which Payvment said is especially important with more than one-half of purchases coming via mobile devices.

That one-click payment fits right in with Payvment’s focus on impulse purchases, as the company said that type of buy has been its best use of social discovery thus far, with its trending area receiving the most clicks, so the launch of enabled it to “put trendy at the center of the experience.”

Why impulse purchases? Despite an exceptional 3.6 percent conversion rate, the average Payvment customer only had one item in their cart (1.07, to be exact), and their average purchase was around $25, indicating that impulse buying was the route most were taking. launched Tuesday by invitation only, but Payvment is shutting down its online shopping mall and redirecting all traffic to its new offering, and users who have not received invitations yet will still be able to access products that sellers have promoted to them. All Payvment sellers’ storefronts will be mirrored on

Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham said: recreates the serendipitous discovery and impulse buying experience that makes shopping in the real world so much fun. Our vision is to create a place where sellers and shoppers connect in a meaningful way beyond just a transaction.

As we mentioned earlier, the beta launch of is invitation-only, but Payvment was kind enough to provide a link for the first 250 AllFacebook readers who are interested in joining: Click here.

Readers: Do you think you will give shopping on a smiley face, a meh, or a frown?