Path and Nike+ FuelBand Team Up to Share Your Workout

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Path, the social network that attempts to keep a journal of your life and connect with your closer friends, has joined up with Nike+ Fuelband to offer a good service for hitting your exercise goals. The overall goal is to help users easily share the information about how much exercise they did on a given day and upload it to Path. The reason Path is perhaps better than Facebook for this goal is that Path is a more intimate social network – your whole network of 500 Facebook friends doesn’t need to know you failed your exercise goals.

The Nike+ Fuelband is a small wristband accelerator that tracks your every move. For every movement you do you get “NikeFuel”, which is then tracked and uploaded. At the end of each day you can see how much NikeFuel you’re burning, which is akin to how much you’ve moved around that day. Even actions like drumming and dancing will get registered as NikeFuel. Read more about the Fuelband here.

Path has now integrated with this Fuelband so that at the end of each day, a graph of your daily activity is posted to your Path and syncs with the other moments you’ve tagged throughout the day. If you’ve recorded on Path that you “went for a jog” at 3pm and then later when your FuelBand uploads that you had a spike in activity at 3pm, the two will be associated in Path’s daily graph. It’s a pretty cool integration and enhances what Nike was already offering.

To use this, head over and get the Nike+ Running App, which will keep track of your runs, and those will interact with Path as well so you can have more information about that run you took at 3pm.