Parse Open-Sources Code for F8 Apps

By David Cohen 

F8AppsOpenSourced650When Facebook held its F8 global developer conference in San Francisco April 30, its cloud-based application platform, Parse, launched iOS and Android apps to help attendees manage their F8 experiences. Parse announced Thursday that it has open-sourced the code for those apps.

Nancy Xiao, part of the developer marketing team at Parse, wrote in a blog post:

As part of the F8 conference experience, we launched iOS and Android apps built entirely on Parse. The apps enabled conference attendees to stay up-to-date with upcoming talks, get to know the speakers and receive push notifications on talks they had marked as favorites.

This app grew out of the Parse Developer Day apps, and was thoroughly customized to match the F8 experience. Using Parse to build these apps was a fun experience, and it took one iOS and Android developer around two weeks to deliver the apps. Parse Data was used to store all of the conference data and much of the user interface customizations and assets, enabling quick iteration on design changes across iOS and Android. Even after the app was shipped, last-minute updates were possible without touching code, simply by using the data browser. And, as talks were in session, the push console was used for ad hoc messaging to conference attendees — it’s vitally important to know when to pick up those T-shirts.

Today we are releasing the source code for these apps so you can peek under the hood and see how they were built. The source code is available on GitHub. We hope they will serve as good guidance for how to build apps on Parse. We also hope others find them useful as a starting point for their own conference apps. We can’t wait to see what you do with them!