Parse Setting Up Shop In London

By David Cohen 

ParseLondon650Facebook has established a strong presence in London, and its Parse cloud application platform will now follow suit, as its co-founder and CEO, Ilya Sukhar, announced in a blog post that it will begin building a team in London.

Sukhar wrote:

Over the past year, 140,000 new developers started building mobile apps on Parse, and 50 percent of those developers were from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With thousands of developers using Parse throughout the U.K., we’re building a team in London to better support the area’s thriving developer community and engineering talent.

The Parse London team will be based out of the Facebook London office, which is moving to a beautiful new location in central London in early June. We’re hiring engineers to help build the next big Parse products and to support products we’re building in collaboration with the Facebook Platform team.

We’re also looking for partner managers and partner engineers who will work directly with the biggest app developers in Europe, helping them to build awesome cross-platform apps using Parse. The team is already working with companies like Deezer, Topshop, and Mind Candy.

We prioritize our product road map based on the feedback we get from our customers, and having a team on the ground in London allows us to cater the future of Parse products to the needs of our global community.

If you’re interested in working at Parse in London, send us an email at and we’ll connect you with our recruitment team. For job descriptions, please visit the Parse jobs page.

Readers: Is this a good move by Parse and Facebook?