Following Acquisition By Facebook, Parse Rolls Out Parse Hosting

By David Cohen 

Cloud application platform Parse, which was acquired by Facebook in April, announced the launch of Parse Hosting Tuesday, joining its four existing offerings — Parse Data, Parse Social, Parse Push, and Cloud.

Parse Hosting allows developers to host static content for their apps — such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS — alongside Cloud Code, allowing for server-free app development. Developers can now create Web-based apps without the need to manage and scale their own servers.

Sample uses for Parse Hosting include leader boards for Parse-powered games or Web forms that allow users to submit data to the Parse back-end.

Parse CEO Ilya Sukhar said:

After our acquisition announcement last week, we went right back to work. We’re really excited to launch Parse Hosting as a big new addition to our family of products. Parse Hosting makes it dead simple for developers to create a Web presence for their app. Developers get server-free development from beginning to end so that they can focus on the fun stuff: creating a great user experience. We’re excited to keep launching products and to continue supporting our awesome developer community, both new and old. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things to come from our camp in the coming months and years. It’s going to be great.