Artist Paints Famous YouTube Memes Including Sneezing Panda, Keyboard Cat and Dramatic Look

By Megan O'Neill Comment

How much would you pay to hang a painting of the ‘Dramatic Look’ prairie dog on your wall? How about a portrait of the ‘Sneezing Baby Panda’ or ‘Keyboard Cat’? Artist Dan Lacey has just released a fun prairie dog portrait in his series of YouTube meme-inspired paintings. He’s auctioning it off on eBay and if you want it bad enough you just might be able to win this stunning piece of YouTube Art.

The artist describes his painting as, “Another study of The Dramatic Prairie Dog, this time with a pancake tumbling overhead. This is a study for a much larger painting.” “But why the pancake?” you may ask. Dan Lacey has made a name for himself as “The Painter of Pancakes” and has drawn all sorts of people with pancakes on their heads.

The dramatic prairie dog isn’t Lacey’s first YouTube masterpiece, and it certainly won’t be his last. He’s painted JimmyMcMillan of ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High Party’ with a pancake on his head and according to his blog we can expect a lot more YouTube art over the next several days. He writes, “Soon to follow in the next few days are studies of four more YouTube meme themed paintings; Maru the cat, Rickrolling, The Sneezing Panda, and Keyboard Cat. Larger versions of these paintings are already in progress.”

The bidding for Lacey’s Dramatic Prairie Dog is on eBay now, starting at $0.99. What do you think of the collection? How would you like to hang a YouTube meme on your wall?