How To Build Websites Within Facebook

By David Cohen 

PageYourselffSiteBecause sometimes a Facebook page just isn’t enough, PageYourself announced the launch of f-Site, which allows page administrators to create websites within the social network, either from pre-existing themes or from scratch.

Page admins can use the drag-and-drop menu of the PageYourself Engine to select themes or construct their websites from scratch, and then add applications from the PageYourself suite. Contests and promotions can be created, and users’ information can be collected in order to generate leads.

PageYourself said f-Site is available free-of-charge with no trial period or limit on the number of likes for pages, and tiered subscription rates are available for page admins who wish to tap into its leads database. Co-Founder and CEO Nicolas Fayon added:

With f-Site, Web design has finally entered the Facebook era. Businesses and brands now have a powerful and innovative tool to drive traffic, engage community, generate leads, and amplify sales conversion rates by leveraging the huge scale of Facebook’s 1 billion users. We also wanted our business model to be as disruptive as our product.

Page admins: Does f-Site sound like a useful tool for your pages?