Support For Admins: Pages Manager For Apple Updated, Feedback Panel Announced

By Justin Lafferty 

Those who manage Facebook pages can often use all the help they can get. The social network announced two things Tuesday to aid page administrators: the newest version of Pages Manager for iOS devices is in the Apple App Store, and the site has launched a feedback panel so managers can share what works and what needs to be fixed.

It wasn’t even one month ago that Facebook last announced an update to Pages Manager for iOS. This newest version, 1.4, allows users to schedule posts to appear later and promote recent posts to reach larger audiences (provided that an ad or post was created on the computer). It also has an enhancement for the iPad, as users can now see stories in two columns. And the update has bug fixes and performance updates.

There is not yet an official Pages Manager app for Android, but that could come soon, as Facebook is now turning its focus to that device.

Additionally, Facebook wants to hear from those who manage pages. The Facebook Marketing page posted an application for page managers to be a part of the site’s product feedback panel. The panel appears to only be open for U.S. users.

Readers: If you manage a Facebook page, what features would you like to see added or subtracted?