Will Facebook Allow Pages To Create, Manage Groups?

By David Cohen 

Is Facebook preparing to allow pages to create and manage groups, which can currently only be done by individual users? Developer Tom Waddington uncovered some evidence hinting that this may be in the works.

Waddington wrote that page administrators can add a groups module to the favorites area at the top of their pages, but nothing generally happens when it is clicked. However, he discovered an unfinished groups page for craft tutorial community Cut Out + Keep, which he co-founded with his fiancé, Cat Morley.

Waddington offered detailed instructions on how page admins can create groups for their pages, noting that in order to perform many of the tasks, they must be using Facebook as their pages, rather than themselves:

Using a page access token, you can post to /me/groups with a name parameter set to your new group name.

This returns your new group ID. Query that, and you’ll get full details:


“id”: “530648920292865”,

“owner”: {

“category”: “Website”,

“name”: “Cut Out + Keep”,

“id”: “6308333870”


“name”: “Test”,

“venue”: {

“street”: “”


“privacy”: “CLOSED”,

“icon”: “https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rsrc.php/v2/yI/r/0pjqWL1NfkE.png”,

“updated_time”: “2013-01-16T01:55:46+0000”,

“email”: “…@groups.facebook.com”,

“version”: 1


Note that the owner is your Page!

Readers: Would you like to see Facebook pages have the ability to create groups?

Screen grabs courtesy of Tom Waddington.