PageLever Now Tracks Real-Time Facebook Analytics

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook page administrators want to go where the conversation is. It’s not always in the most recent post. That’s what PageLever’s newest product — Now — wants to solve. With PageLever Now, marketers can see real-time analytics based on the most recent likes, comments, and shares, whether the post happened today, yesterday, or last month.

PageLever Now, which officially launched Thursday, also allows admins to see when a post has died, so they can consider posting something fresh. By studying these metrics, marketers can see which kinds of stories die off quickly and which ones have legs for hours. This way, admins don’t post stories when another post is still getting likes, comments, and shares.

If someone comments on a story from three weeks ago, those metrics will float to the top of the screen. This also lets brands decide which posts would be best to push through sponsored stories and other ad avenues. The metrics are delivered in a clean, colorful way that accurately shows when a post has left the conversation.

Jeff Widman, co-founder of PageLever, described the goal for his company’s newest product:

We’ve got a reputation as the premier tool for analytics about your Facebook page, but as we talked with customers, they kept pushing us to go one step further — they wanted a single tool that combined analytics with page management so they could immediately act on the data … Our goal with PageLever Now was to create a tool for social marketers that puts everything at their fingertips — publish posts, respond to fan comments, real-time analytics for making data-driven decisions, etc. Think of it like the Bloomberg terminals that enable stock traders to make instant decisions, except this is for marketers.

PageLever Now has several other tools to help Facebook marketers:

  • A calendar feature allows people to schedule posts. This is especially effective when there are multiple people working on a Facebook page. It lets marketers see who is posting what and when.
  • Ability to publish to Facebook directly from PageLever Now.
  • Real-time statistics broken down by post, so marketers can see each post’s reach, virality, and engagement.
  • A search function that allows brands to cultivate quality user photos and videos based on a keyword.

PageLever is currently used by several brands, such as YouTube, Intel, Clorox, and Porsche.

Readers: How do you manage your Facebook pages?