PageData: Heat Dominate NBA Likes Added For Week, But Suffer PTAT Drop While Lakers Soar

By David Cohen 

And then, there were three: The San Antonio Spurs are the National Basketball Association’s 2012-13 Western Conference champions, having swept the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Spurs now await the winner of the Eastern Conference finals, in which the Miami Heat hold a three games to two lead over the Indiana Pacers. But who were this past week’s big winners in the NBA in terms of likes added and gains in people talking about this? Sister site PageData has the answers.

Not surprisingly, the three remaining teams made up three of the top four in terms of likes added for the week, with playoff participant the Chicago Bulls snatching third place. All of the top 10 teams on the list qualified for this year’s postseason.

  1. Heat: 42,546
  2. Pacers: 25,550
  3. Bulls: 19,075
  4. Spurs: 18,291
  5. Los Angeles Lakers: 8,253
  6. New York Knicks: 5,957
  7. Los Angeles Clippers: 5,053
  8. Oklahoma City Thunder: 4,501
  9. Grizzlies: 4,277
  10. Brooklyn Nets: 3,507

Despite the club’s early elimination from the playoffs, the Lakers continued to dominate in terms of PTAT gains for the week. The Sacramento Kings also crashed the top 10, likely due to the announcement that the team would remain in Sacramento, rather than moving to Seattle. In a huge upset, the Heat actually saw its PTAT total drop 13,097, while the Spurs and Pacers remained strong, placing third and fifth, respectively.

  1. Lakers: 136,346
  2. Thunder: 53,193
  3. Spurs: 34,062
  4. Bulls: 30,947
  5. Pacers: 20,552
  6. Kings: 10,199
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers: 8,729
  8. New Orleans Pelicans: 4,144
  9. Orlando Magic: 3,318
  10. Phoenix Suns: 2,954

Readers: Are you more surprised by the Lakers’ explosion in PTAT, or the Heat’s decline?