PageData: Miami Heat On Fire In NBA People Talking About This For This Week

By David Cohen 

The defending National Basketball Association champions are also this week’s champions in terms of people talking about this, as sister page PageData pegged the Miami Heat’s PTAT for the week at 345,333, dwarfing the total of the second-place club, the Los Angeles Lakers, at 210,817.

With the second round of the NBA playoffs under way, it came as little surprise that all of the teams to crack the top 10 in PageData’s PTAT list participated in the postseason, although some of them were eliminated in round one.

The Portland Trail Blazers had the highest PTAT total for a non-playoff team, at 18,530, while the Milwaukee Bucks were the poorest-performing postseason participant, with a PTAT total of just 6,794.

At the bottom of the barrel, the Utah Jazz, who did not qualify for the playoffs, finished dead last on the PTAT chart by AppData, with a total of just 2,641 for the week.

The top 10, via PageData:

  1. Miami Heat: 345,333
  2. Los Angeles Lakers: 210,817
  3. New York Knicks: 191,870
  4. Chicago Bulls: 170,950
  5. Oklahoma City Thunder: 144,711
  6. Golden State Warriors: 80,760
  7. Houston Rockets: 78,936
  8. Brooklyn Nets: 76,929
  9. San Antonio Spurs: 72,232
  10. Denver Nuggets: 61,686

Readers: Are you surprised by any of PageData’s NBA PTAT totals?