PageData Launches Comparative Dashboard Tool For Facebook Pages

By Justin Lafferty 

Wondering how your Facebook page stacks up with the competition? PageData’s new Comparative Dashboard tool, launched Thursday, allows administrators to see how they’re doing compared with similar pages.

PageData, a product of parent company Inside Network, holds a tremendous amount of data regarding Facebook pages, but now it has added another feature: comparative analysis. The Comparative Dashboard tool lets users create personalized lists of Facebook pages and match them against each other for deeper insights into performance.

Scott Bialous, general manager of Inside Network, discussed the new product in a press release:

Our subscribers use PageData to refine their Facebook marketing strategy and demonstrate success to their companies. Comparative Dashboard gives them an easy way to benchmark trends and progress.

Comparative Dashboard is the latest addition to PageData’s suite of analytical tools to help page admins and marketers better understand how users are engaging with their content, as well as which competing campaigns are doing the best.

Visit PageData today to explore the Dashboard tool and learn more about other product features.