Facebook Page Like Ads Can Now Be Created Directly Via Admin Panels On Pages

By David Cohen 

The new advertising features continue to flow out of Menlo Park, Calif., as Facebook announced that page administrators can now create page like ads directly from the page admin panels on their pages.

The social network said the ads are exactly like those that small and midsized businesses can create via the traditional ads create process, and they can appear on mobile or desktop, along with links that encourage Facebook users to like their pages.

Facebook added that these ads are targeted to users located near the businesses running them, and, as always, the cost is tied to how many users page admins want to reach.

The social network said in announcing the new feature:

Today, Facebook announced an easier way for small businesses to create a page like ad — directly from their Facebook page. New page administrators and small businesses consistently tell us that scaling connections to their pages to find new customers and increase the size of their fan base is a challenge. Page like ads are one effective way to meet this challenge, and with today’s launch, we have made it easier and less time-consuming to create a page like ad by allowing the creation to happen directly from the page admin panel.

This new way of buying an ad is very similar to promoted posts in that the ad creation happens on the SMB’s page. The difference is that while promoted posts are primarily aimed at engaging current fans, this new feature is aimed at attracting new fans.

Small businesses often don’t have the time and resources to spend on creating ads in the ads create tool, so this new way will help business owners simplify the process.

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