Facebook Testing Changes To Page Insights

By David Cohen 

Select Facebook page administrators will be invited to participate in a test of changes to page insights, which include breaking out the elements that make up the social network’s people talking about this metric.

Facebook announced the test in a post on its Facebook Studio blog, saying that its goals are to make its metrics more clear and simple for page admins to understand, as well as to make them more actionable and to give page admins more comprehensive information on Facebook users that interact with content on their pages.

The social network added that it expects to make these updates available to all page admins by the end of the summer, and in the interim, the current rendition of page insights will remain in place.

Facebook explained breaking down the PTAT elements in its blog post:

We heard from many page admins that they want more insight into the actions that make up PTAT. For instance, how people’s liking their business page differs from people’s interacting with their posts. For this reason, we’re breaking out PTAT into elements that will now be reported separately as page likes, people engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), page tags and mentions, page check-ins, and other interactions on a page. PTAT as a combined metric will still be available for page admins not participating in the new Insights preview.

The social network also said it will add clicks to its virality metric and rename that metric “engagement rate, adding of the current virality metric:

This metric doesn’t include clicks in its measurement, which are a strong indicator of positive post engagement and a key piece in providing marketers with metrics around overall post quality.

And Facebook described its creation of a post-specific scorecard to help page admins get a better handle on the relationship between positive and negative interactions:

Facebook News Feed rewards quality posts with greater reach. One major consideration in gauging post quality is the relationship between positive interactions (likes, comments, shares, and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page). Historically, page Insights has reported on posts’ performance, reach, and engagement in three distinct places. In the new page Insights, we aggregate all of these metrics into a post-specific scorecard, so marketers can evaluate positive and negative metrics together. This will help page admins better identify content people interact with, produce more of it, and enjoy increased reach and impact on Facebook.

Finally, Facebook said the test of new page insights features will extend demographic breakdown data (age, gender, country, city, language) to users who have engaged with pages, rather than only to users reached by pages.

Page admins: What are your thoughts on the changes to page insights being tested by Facebook?