Facebook Marketing Platform Page Centrex Ends Free Services

By Justin Lafferty 

One Public, which produces the Public Marketing Cloud, announced to AllFacebook Tuesday that it is turning its free Facebook marketing platform, Page Centrex, into a paid service. Last year, One Public launched Page Centrex and saw it grow to more than 100,000 business users, but now the service has to change in order to meet the engineering needs of the program.

According to One Public, this decision was made in order to respond to changes in the marketing technology landscape, as well as the company’s renewed focus on the enterprise market.

However, with the shift to a paid service comes some upgrades. One Public is replicating Page Centrex into identical products for video, mobile, and local marketing. Page Centrex will also come fully integrated with third-party collaboration tools.

Page Centrex allows marketers to create engaging Facebook applications, manage posts, and monitor metrics and engagement on the page.

Fahad Khan, One Public CEO, talked about this change with AllFacebook, and how Page Centrex can help marketers:

Page Centrex is one of the industry’s most robust, scalable, and customizable apps platforms. Not only does it allow brands to deploy applications on their Facebook pages with few clicks, it is one of the few solutions that delivers custom apps at scale. Getting custom apps at scale and cost-effectively is the biggest need and pain point of brands and agencies across all categories.