IOS App Lets Users Know When Facebook Friends Are ‘OverNear’

By David Cohen 

The newest iOS application to take advantage of Facebook’s friends and location features, aptly named OverNear, is aimed at connecting Facebook friends who are “over near” each other.

The app alerts users when their Facebook fans are nearby in real-time, and also highlights overlaps in future plans, where users and Facebook friends will be at the same or nearby events or locations.

OverNear also offers privacy controls so that its users can set their own parameters on who can see their locations.

The company’s vision statement reads:

By leveraging our patent-pending remote presence technology, we plan to fulfill the promise of extending interpersonal social activity into the real world via the smartphone … and put “social” back into social networking.

And its description of how the app works is as follows:

Most apps celebrate the past. OverNear helps you shape your future. It automatically keeps track of the times, places, and friends who’ll find you “over near” so you can make plans. Easily. Now, later, or even on the fly. It’s an opportunity optimizer. A future-facing time machine.

Attending a conference? Headed to the game? Like a smart social planner, OverNear compares your plans with those of select friends, and alerts you when it detects an overlap in location and time indicating that you and your friends will be in the same place, at the same time.

Forget to make plans? No problem, we’ve got you covered. When OverNear senses that your friends have come “over near,” it sends out alerts transforming what would have been missed encounters into personal connections. With OverNear, you take the chance out of chance encounters.

Readers: Would OverNear be a useful app for you?