Orange Debuts Internet+ Mobile Payment Service In France With Facebook, Bango

By David Cohen 

France Telecom’s Orange mobile service provider quietly rolled out its internet+ solution Oct. 31, which allows Facebook users to complete mobile payments with just two clicks, rather than being required to repeatedly enter credentials such as phone numbers, bank details, and login information.

Orange France announced Friday that its smartphone users who sign up for the internet+ system, which it rolled out in partnership with Facebook and Bango, only need to enter their details once, after which purchases can be completed with one click to choose the goods or services, and a second to confirm it.

Once users complete transactions, they will receive text messages notifying them of their purchases, which will appear on their next mobile bills.

Orange said the internet+ service is available to all of its smartphone users on the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Samsung Bada platforms.

Orange Head of Portals Hélène ViotPoirier said:

I am proud of this partnership with Facebook, which once again demonstrates the attractiveness of operator billing solutions. It is a great success for Orange, which is dedicated to providing users with the best online purchasing experience, irrespective of the handset used.