Oracle and Salesforce Face off in the Social CRM Arms Race [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

Social media has revolutionized the field of customer relationship management (CRM), so much so that leading service providers are spending big bucks to get their offerings up to speed. This infographic shows how Salesforce and Oracle have bought their way to the top of the social CRM space.

The heat was on in 2012, when Salesforce acquired social enterprise suite Buddy Media for $689 million less than three months after Oracle’s purchase of the social relationship management platform Vitrue for $300 million.

The buying spree began in 2011 with the acquisition of companies that facilitate Web conferencing and other social tasks. From there, both Oracle and Salesforce turned to social analytics services and companies that take customer service online.

So far, Oracle has spent the most money, with an estimated $5 billion in acquisitions compared to Salesforce’s $3 billion.

See the evolution below in this infographic from the marketing automation solutions company Pardot. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Featured image by mayawizard101 via Shutterstock.