Retention Marketer Optimove Interfaces With Facebook Via API, Updates Custom Audiences Daily

By David Cohen 

OptimoveGraphic650Retention marketing solutions provider Optimove announced that it now interfaces with Facebook via application-programming interface, enabling it to automatically update the social network’s custom audiences lists on a daily basis.

According to Optimove, the daily updates will help improve response rates by ensuring that the most relevant messages and incentives are delivered to Facebook users, based on their recent actions and behaviors. The company’s software is based on predictive customer micro-segmentation algorithms.

Optimove Founder and CEO Pini Yakuel said in a release announcing the API interface:

This new extension of our software is exciting to retention marketers for a number of reasons. It is really the first time that marketers can show a specific creative or campaign to certain segments of their customers on a paid advertising channel and accurately measure the uplift. When marketers understand the power of combining Facebook custom audiences with predictive customer micro-segmentation and automation, retention marketing will never be the same again.