How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts For Mobile

By Brian Honigman 

Facebook is currently being accessed on mobile devices by 543 million people worldwide, or more than one-half of the social network’s total audience. This presents an important opportunity to cater your content to fans experiencing Facebook on both mobile and desktop. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when posting content to your page so that it remains engaging to mobile users.

NBC Facebook MobilePost photos often: Posting photos is always a surefire way to connect with your Facebook following, since photos are one of the most highly engaging content types on Facebook. In terms of mobile, images help tell the story of your brand. Not to mention, they take over more space in the Facebook mobile news feed than they do on Facebook for desktop news feed, helping emphasize your business’ content over other posts.

Keep posts to 160 characters or fewer: Keep the text in your Facebook posts under 160 characters to prevent some of your content getting cut off behind a “see more” link. This is also an important rule of thumb in general because Facebook users tend to engage with short and direct messaging more often — posts with less than 80 characters tend to get the most engagement.

Include calls to actions: Much like the rule of thumb for using calls to action on your Facebook page for desktop, including click like, share this, watch now, click here, and other Facebook specific calls to action will help activate your mobile Facebook following.

Ask questions: Always include a question at the very beginning or end of your Facebook post to help give your audience a prompt to join in and participate in your conversation while they’re on the go. Like stated above, shorter is always better.

Share videos: Share YouTube or Facebook videos to quickly get the attention of your mobile audience and engage them in a way that photos and status updates cannot. Here is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate other social video services on your Facebook page that are best-suited for mobile, like Viddy or Socialcam.

Make your content fun: At the end of the day, the point of social media is to connect the people behind a company with their current and prospective customers. Be funny, creative. and. above all. be a real person with a unique point of view to share your company’s story.

Readers: How is your business using Facebook mobile to connect with your customers? What techniques have worked best for your company on Facebook mobile?

Brian Honigman is the digital marketing manager at Marc Ecko Enterprises.