Optimal Calls Out French’s, Gerber Childrenswear, Toys “R” Us, Students First For Facebook Engagement Growth

By David Cohen 

Facebook advertising and marketing developer Optimal called out four brands for their engagement growth during the period from Nov. 13 through 26: French’s, Gerber Childrenswear, Toys “R” Us, and Students First.

Here is what Optimal had to say about each brand:

  • French’s had a 38.2 percent increase in engagement by embracing Thanksgiving. Instead of only posting about its products, French’s filled its feed with recipe ideas, meal memories, and Thanksgiving thoughts, which were perfect compliments to French’s products.
  • Gerber Childrenswear had a 22.2 percent growth in engagement. Gerber also embraced the holiday season, but it took a slightly different approach by leveraging comical parenting-related posts and memes and urging people to share the posts, resulting in thousands of likes and shares.
  • Toys “R” Us had a 12.8 percent boost in engagement by tying into the timeliness of Black Friday. Toys “R” Us posted a Black Friday preview, which nabbed 33,798 likes, 1,025 shares, and 1,939 comments from fans sharing their Black Friday plans and questions they had about specific offers. Conversely, the company’s Election Day post only had 2,151 likes and 53 shares.
  • Students First, a nonprofit organization, displayed impressive 25.2 percent engagement growth from a single Thanksgiving post, which urged fans to thank a teacher by liking and sharing the post. This tactic resulted in 1,326 likes, 243 comments, and 7,044 shares. In contrast, an earlier election-related post only had 11 comments.

Readers: Did you interact with any of these brands on Facebook?