How To Optimize Facebook Mobile App Install Ad Campaigns

By David Cohen 

OptillyBanner650Facebook often touts the results developers have achieved with its mobile application install ads, and a new offering from 2012 Y Combinator alumnus Optilly is aimed at helping developers and other brand marketers ensure that they are fully optimizing their use of the social network’s ad products.

Optilly Wednesday announced the launch of its app install marketing platform, which optimizes campaigns based on cost per action in order to execute campaigns in the shortest possible time periods, slash user-acquisition costs, and yield maximum returns.

The platform uses Optilly’s proprietary technology and statistics-based algorithms to cut off spending on poorly performing ads, focus on ads that deliver the highest return on investment, and allow brands to:

  • Strategize: Optilly’s Facebook campaign experts walk you through setup.
  • Create: Create hundreds of app install ads in minutes with Optilly’s mass ad creator.
  • Test: Optilly’s automated multivariate testing method compiles statistical data to find the best-performing, most profitable audiences.
  • Optimize: Optilly’s programmatic bid-management algorithm adjusts bids every five minutes using the data from the learnings engine to further increase campaign performance by spending on the most valuable audiences.

Optilly Co-Founder and CEO Vince Mundy said in a release announcing the platform’s debut:

Our system creates and tests thousands of ads quickly and manages all of the split testing while determining which ads are most profitable based on the user-defined target acquisition cost. It would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in order to properly do anything like this manually. We’ve designed a fast, inexpensive, and fully automated solution that will continually reduce user acquisition cost.