Facebook Launches Open Graph Built-In Follow Action

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook announced Wednesday that it is launching another tool for developers to promote discussion through their applications: the open graph built-in follow action. Now people can follow the stories people post within apps through their news feed, timeline, and notifications.

Facebook Software Engineer Yariv Sadan posted about the new feature Wednesday afternoon on the social network’s developers blog. He offered the example within a food review app on Facebook. If you want to follow a certain restaurant critic who posts there, simply click the “follow” button:

When you follow someone this way, you will receive a notification indicating that you have successfully followed them, and the action will show up in your activity box.

Sadan explains further:

Content a person publishes within your app will be displayed in the follower’s news feed even if they aren’t Facebook friends. People can control who sees what they publish through the privacy settings of the app.

The post also notes that Facebook will not allow custom follow actions. Apps that use a custom follow action must migrate to the built-in follow feature within the next 90 days. For more information, visit Facebook’s Developer Roadmap.

Readers: If you are a developer, how do you feel this will change your app?

Image courtesy of Facebook.