Facebook Turns Listen, Read, Watch Into Advertisements

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook told us in an email Monday that it is allowing advertisers to pay for more exposure of its open graph action stories such as listen, read, and watch by converting them into a new type of advertisement, which will be clearly labeled as such.

“Facebook is allowing advertisers to pay for more exposure of listen, read, or watch stories that mention them by turning the stories into a new form of sponsored story social ads,” said a spokesperson for the company via email.

Facebook is testing a pilot program that allows participating advertisers to sponsor open graph actions and use them in sponsored story-type ads.

We’d gotten a tip about this yesterday from Eti Suruzon, vice president of media at Blink. Ticker stories about Pinterest included an arrow that only needed to be hovered over to open a window featuring the link to her friend.

Pinterest is participating in a pilot program along with Ticketmaster, ScoreBig, AirBnB, according to VatorNews.

Right now, advertisers currently can only use user-initiated actions on their pages, applications, or local business places. But if the pilot program expands, it creates opportunities such as bands sponsoring when Facebook users listen to their songs, or TV studios sponsoring viewings of their fare on Hulu and Netflix.

Online ticketing service ScoreBig will use “save” and “made an offer” as its action verbs, and its vice president of products, Laura Goldberg, told VatorNews:

This new open graph function is a very exciting opportunity. It really brings social commerce and social events right onto a social platform, which adds to the experience.

Readers: Have you seen any ads that incorporate open graph actions?