Kayla Itsines, Influencers Rule Instagram in Australia

By David Cohen Comment


Online Circle Digital has been analyzing brands on Facebook in Australia for quite some time, and now the digital agency turned its attention to Instagram.

The company released its first Instagram Performance Report for Australia, looking at the top 20 Instagram accounts by followers and by engagement in August and September, as well as the top 12 industries or categories by those two metrics.

Its findings included:

  • The top Instagram account in Australia by followers in August and September was Kayla Itsines, at 3,720,465.
  • Itsines also took the average engagement crown, at 314,264.
  • Influencers led industries and categories in average engagement, at 92,538.
  • Influencers also dominated by followers, at 10,366,170.

Online Circle Digital lead strategist Lucio Ribeiro said in an email to SocialTimes:

With millions of Australians using the platform every day, Instagram can’t be ignored as a viable communication channel for businesses. Most of us look at the real-world micro-moments and events and think about how they would make a great image on our Instagram. We see a plate of food, a dog or a nice piece of fashion and we think, “This will be great on my Instagram.” Some businesses have understood this drive and incorporated visual occasions and moments into their communication, turning their advertising into native content, content that blends in, content that makes viewers feel something, content that transports people.

Influencers are becoming the new superstars. There’s a great opportunity for brands to select and connect with them to act as cultural megaphones.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock.