One Public Launches Facebook Marketing Suite For IOS

By Jennifer Wadsworth 

One Public, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in apps, launched an all-new iOS app for Facebook page management, an extension of its flagship line Page Centrex and part of the Public Marketing Cloud.

The cross-media digital marketing developers say the free app boasts some of the most detailed analytics in the industry, designed specifically for community managers, allowing them to manage posts, track metrics and oversee engagement.

“This app has two unique features: Beautiful analytics and it posts videos in a much more intuitive manner,” One Public CEO Fahad Khan tells AllFacebook. “We have the best analytics around.”

The marketing platform is a next-generation version of Page Centrex, once a $100 app on the Apple store until Facebook launched its official version that forced One Public to cut its own cost down to zero. This just-announced reinvention of the One Public marketing suite is supported by iAds, so the company can offer it, too, free of charge.

Khan emphasizes the app’s ease of use:

PageCentrex is the ultimate social marketing software. It enables marketers to build and manage social presence from a single integrated platform. PageCentrex is the industry’s most robust, scalable and customizable apps platform allowing brands to deploy applications on Facebook with a few clicks.
So what exactly is new in the latest iOS suite?
  • It’s optimized for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iOS 7.
  • Includes full page management capabilities, including ability to post videos, photos and messages.
  • Designed around the needs of community managers.
  • An analytics-only version is also available.

New York City-based One Public became the first company to launch a Facebook insights iOS app back in March 2012, beating even the social network to the punch. Months later, Facebook launched its own app, a more sophisticated iteration than One Public’s pilot program. Facebook’s saw 8 million downloads against One Public’s 250,000.

“We knew we had to re-think our strategy,” says Khan, who’s also head of venture developer and start-up incubator Gotham Innovation. “We said ok we have to do a better job. So we took it down from the app store and went back to work.”

The result was an app more capable and more competitive.

Stephen Alves, Co-founder and COO of One Public, commented on the app:

We are very excited to introduce this all-new special purpose app. The uniqueness of our product lies in its beautiful analytics and an advance publisher that allows users to post videos directly from their iPad or iPhone. It is one of many iOS apps for marketers that we’ve been working on in the past few months.

Want to download the app?

Click here.