Running Cross-Country, Posting On Facebook, And Writing A Book About It All

By David Cohen 

Running a marathon is tough, but what about running a marathon each day, for 93 days in a row, from California to Florida? Registered nurse Helene Neville did it, while continuing to battle cancer, and she chronicled her journey on the One on the Run Facebook page.

Her Facebook posts became the basis for her book, also titled One on the Run. Neville undertook her journey with no funding, relying on her volunteer crew and support she gained via social networks including Facebook.

Neville is not resting on her laurels, however — quite the opposite. She is days from finishing a similar cross-country jaunt from Canada to Mexico, while carrying the ashes of her brother, who never had the opportunity to run with her.

She wrote in her biography:

Helene Neville, an American nurse and fitness coach, began running seriously after a battle with cancer in the 1990s.

Helene started running marathons as close as nearby Boston and as far away as London.

After a cancer scare last year, Helene will begin her next run from Vancouver, British Columbia through the states of Washington, Oregon, and California to Tijuana, Mexico.

Readers: Are you inspired by Neville’s story?