On The Rebound Determines Which Facebook Friends Are Likely Hook-Up Partners

By Justin Lafferty 

For Facebook users who aren’t in relationships right now, but wouldn’t mind hooking up with friends, On the Rebound points out three single Facebook connections who would likely be interested. Taking into account Facebook’s application-programming-interface data, users’ relationship history, and advice from several relationship experts, On the Rebound determines which Facebook friends would be ready for flings.

Developed by a University of Pennsylvania graduate (Anthony Coombs) and a Carnegie Mellon University-educated engineer (Jon Tran), On the Rebound helps Facebook users find which of their friends are not only single, but would likely be down for a hook-up.

Users visit the website and connect with their Facebook accounts. Nothing is ever published to anyone’s timeline or news feed, so any results stay with the users and don’t go outside. Users can then check if they’re interested in men or women, and On the Rebound returns the top three friends who would be most likely to engage in casual activities.

Coombs told AllFacebook he got the idea for the site a few weeks ago, while talking with Tran about a girl he was interested in. Coombs noticed that the girl just broke up with her boyfriend, so he figured he’d give her a couple of weeks before making a move. Then he found out that within a few days, she already had someone else. Coombs noted that there has to be some kind of way to figure out when a girl or guy would be ready for a rebound.

Coombs and Tran (along with designer Taylor Lecroy) then got to work on creating On the Rebound. They had some experience with Facebook’s API, but hadn’t really dug that deep. They took what they knew, along with knowledge from several love and relationship experts, to find out when would be the best time for someone to make a move.

Coombs said that the goal for On the Rebound is for Facebook users to discover which of their connections are both single and interested:

I’m saying, more or less, this person may be likely available and interested in you. And then maybe it could develop to where you go, “You know what? I am interested in that person.” … It’s for fun, but we also want to make sure it’s as accurate as possible. We’re looking at it from the standpoint of, “Here’s who’s available. See if you can make that work,” more than, “Here’s who you’ve pined for the last three or four years, and they’re still not around.”

The results aren’t perfect (one of my results lives in another country, and a friend’s query returned their cousin as a hook-up possibility), but Coomer said they’re working on making it more accurate. He maintained that the site is mainly for fun, but it’ll be interesting to see if the site does lead to some flings.

Readers: Were you surprised with your results?

Images courtesy of On the Rebound and Shutterstock.