Old Spice Parodies Not Recommended For Political Campaigns

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Daniel Freilich Old SpiceIf you thought Cisco’s Old Spice copycat campaign was bad, just wait ’til you see Daniel Freilich’s new Vermont Senatorial campaign video. The description of Freilich’s Old Spice campaign video says that the candidate is showing off his “fun side” with this parody clip, which has accrued over 17,000 views since it’s upload last week, most in the last twenty-four hours. But I’d be willing put money on the fact that most of these viewers are laughing at Freilich and not with him. Who thought it would be a good idea to parody a men’s deodorant campaign in a campaign for political office?

As I’m not from Vermont and haven’t been following their Senatorial race very carefully (OK, I haven’t been following it at all), I don’t know what kind of a candidate Freilich is or whether he has any chance of winning. However, what I do know is that in the past there hasn’t been any precedent of a political candidate winning based on a viral YouTube video. To the contrary, Tennessee’s recent gubernatorial candidate Basil Marceaux recently became a YouTube star, with over 1 million views, and still lost the race with less than 1 percent of the vote. I am of the opinion that, even if I believed in everything a candidate stood for, I wouldn’t be able to take someone seriously enough to appoint them to a political office after seeing this clip. Maybe I would feel differently about this if the production quality wasn’t in need of a little swaggerizing.

Check out Freilich’s Old Spice campaign parody below and let us know what you think. Do you think you could take a politician seriously who would make an ad like this? If you live in Vermont, would you consider voting for the senator your senator could…smell like?