Facebook Resources To Help Victims Of Oklahoma Tornado

By David Cohen 

Following the devastating tornado that ravaged Moore, Okla., Monday and resulted in several deaths, a Facebook user in nearby Shawnee launched a Facebook group, May 19th 2013 OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery, aimed at reuniting victims with their possessions that were blown all over the state.

UPDATED: Facebook highlighted the May 19th 2013 OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery group in a post on the Non-Profits on Facebook page, and the social network also pointed users who are interested in helping to:

  • Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, which is calling for volunteers and updating Facebook users on relief efforts from the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, where volunteers are helping to pack food boxes for those in need.
  • Oklahoma Blood Institute, which is encouraging Facebook users 16 and over to donate blood at local centers.

Lana Trussell told Tulsa ABC affiliate KTUL she was spurred to create the group by a Christmas photograph her husband found, with a baby in it.

Trussell told KTUL:

It’s a baby. Somebody’s going to want that back. It’s devastating to know that those people went through all that. They lost all their memories, they just need it back.

You wonder: Did they make it? Are they OK? Is the baby OK? You don’t know how old this picture is.

Yeah … it’s part of time, part of your life. I would want it back. I’d want it back.

Several other found photos were posted to the Facebook group, along with dogs and a bird that had been rescued. Sadly, those posts were mixed in with posts from parents seeking their lost children and dog owners looking for their pets. Many Facebook users also posted offering clothing to displaced victims.

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