OkCupid Ventures Into Interest-Based Search and Dating Sites

By Cameron Scott 

OkCupid Labs continues to push out new projects, beta-testing an interest-based dating website, Kiss.com, and an interest-based search engine, Combosaurus.com.

Combosaurus draws OkCupid’s 6 million dating profiles as well as data from Wikipedia, Goodreads, and Facebook to “suggest things you’ll like and people you should meet,” the website says. (Because Combosaurus belongs to the same company, using the data in this way does not count as sharing it with a third party; however, OkCupid also does that, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation.)

“While poring over OkCupid profiles on the hunt for meaningful data, we discovered that the connections between people and their favorite things made for a powerful search engine,” the website explains. OkCupid declined to provide further information.

Users rate and bookmark things to “teach Combosaurus and its users all about” them.

Kiss.com is a dating service that puts the users’ interests front and center. To create a profile, the user is asked to click on icons that represent interests, such as hiking, pop music and dogs. The user then chooses five interests to highlight as things he or she loves. Matches are made based on shared interests, rather than on the question-and-answer format OkCupid employs.

Kiss.com profiles also include online-dating standards like a brief self-description and a photo.

“12 million members can’t be wrong,” the website boasts, but it’s not clear what the number refers to. Kiss.com is only active for San Francisco (population 800,000). There are are about five OkCupid Labs employees working on the project.

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