Offerpop Adds One-Click Facebook Open Graph Actions To Photo Contest App

By David Cohen 

Social marketing platform Offerpop released its enhanced Photo Contest application out of beta Monday, saying that Offerpop clients that beta-tested the app recorded 91 million impressions on Facebook’s News Feed in two months.

Offerpop added that it ran 871 campaigns over that two-month period, with nine Facebook users visiting campaigns for each entrant that published their participation on their Timelines, and two Facebook users visiting for each voter that published their participation.

The Photo Contest app allows users to create Open Graph actions simply by clicking boxes, instantly generating News Feed stories when Facebook users submit entries or vote, and the app also works with Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Offerpop Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Mark Cooper said:

User-generated content campaigns are one of the most effective ways to acquire and engage fans. Facebook’s Open Graph actions let marketers take these campaigns to the next level. By making Open Graph actions available with a single click, and combining that with the ability to run campaigns across all major social networks and mobile devices automatically, we’ve built the most viral Photo Contest app out there.

Melissa Bissell, marketing manager at Canadian teen retailer Garage, added:

We used Offerpop’s new Photo Contest app to power our 2013 Model Search. By turning on Open Graph actions with a single click, an additional 600,000 people have visited the campaign so far. Open Graph was integral to the viral success of the campaign.

Readers: How often do you participate in photo contests on Facebook?