Offerpop Offers Facebook Page Administrators Useful Social Data, Analytics

By David Cohen 

Social marketing software provider Offerpop rolled out its new Integrated Social Marketing platform, providing Facebook page administrators with comprehensive social data and analytics.

Offerpop said its ISM will allow page administrators to:

  • Categorize their brands’ Facebook posts and determine what types are the most popular.
  • Automatically build social profiles for all users of the social network who engage with their brand on Facebook.
  • Leverage that social data across all marketing channels, including social, email, advertising, customer-relationship management, Web, and direct mail.

Following are Offerpop’s descriptions of the two key new features of its ISM:

Categories & Posts helps brands discover what fans are interested in by allowing marketers to categorize their posts based on topics meaningful to their business — products, key brand initiatives, trending topics, etc. From there, brands can automatically track the level of fan activity in each category, and leverage popular topics to drive engagement and conversions via more relevant content, campaigns, and offers. Moreover, Categories & Posts has a post database that automatically archives all posts, along with key performance metrics about engagement, reach, and click-throughs.

Fan Database automatically creates a persistent and up-to-the-minute social profile for everyone who likes, comments, or shares a brand’s timeline content. Marketers can segment fans based on the categorized posts they interact with, as well as discover who’s most engaged and influential. These social profiles also capture info submitted by fans while participating in Offerpop campaigns, like email addresses and opt-ins for future communications. Marketers can then run advanced searches to create and download highly targeted lists, helping them drive return on investment across all of their marketing programs.