Offerpop Rolls Out Fan Profiles For Timeline Pages

By David Cohen 

Will Facebook users who like brands like them enough to create their own fan profiles on those brands’ timeline pages? That’s the premise behind today’s release of fan profiles by social marketing platform Offerpop.

Fan profiles, built to take advantage of Facebook’s conversion of pages to timeline at the end of last month, allow Facebook users who have liked pages to create brand-specific profiles on those pages and connect with other fans of those brands.

Fan profiles can be created in two steps, during which they are automatically populated with all interactions the user has had with the brand, including likes, comments, and shared content. Offerpop said fan profiles will be available in a searchable gallery to encourage interaction between fans.

One huge benefit for brands is that all activity that takes place within these fan profiles will positively affect their people talking about this metrics and EdgeRank. Marketers can also prime the pump by making exclusive content, incentives, and offers available via an optional tab within Offerpop’s fan profiles application.

Offerpop Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Mark Cooper said:

With fan profiles, Offerpop is taking a new approach to social media marketing that really begins to harness the “outside-in” marketing potential of Facebook — letting fans easily connect and help drive the brand conversation. The app tracks all fan activity taking place on a brand’s page, helping marketers easily identify active and influential fans. Brands can then showcase fans who are driving high-value conversations, like buzz around a new product launch, for example.

Readers: Are there any brands that you feel strongly enough about to prompt you to create fan profiles on their timeline pages?