Open Compute Project, Telecom Giants Form OCP Telco Project

By David Cohen Comment


The Open Compute Project, which was founded by Facebook in 2011 to focus on technology for data centers, is taking aim at telecommunications.

Open Compute Project president and chairman and Facebook vice president of infrastructure Jason Taylor announced in a blog post that AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, EE, SK Telecom, Verizon Communications, Equinix and Nexius have joined the organization and helped launch the OCP Telco Project.

Taylor said the three main goals of the OCP Telco Project are:

  • Communicating telco technical requirements effectively to the OCP community.
  • Strengthening the OCP ecosystem to address the deployment and operational needs of telcos.
  • Bringing OCP innovations to telco data-center infrastructure for increased cost-savings and agility.

He added:

OCP community momentum is strong, and we get closer to our vision of better and more open hardware development each time a new industry embraces the principles of openness and customization. Leaders in telecommunications embracing OCP signifies the start of a new and exciting chapter as we work together to enable better designs, easier adoption and efficiency gains across the board.