Obama’s White House Correspondent Dinner Speech Hits 7 Million Views

By Kenna McHugh Comment

President Obama’s speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner last Saturday is currently the most-viewed Obama public speech on YouTube, according to C-SPAN.

The video surpassed C-SPAN’s YouTube Channel video of Obama’s 2008 speech on race in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia video has over 6, 763,000 views, close to 4,000 less than the dinner video.

The correspondents’ dinner video starts off with a cartoony patriotic style of introducing Obama while taking several jabs at the President’s recent birth certificate controversy. But Obama gets the best of his recent presidential rival Donald Trump. Obama’s cutting remarks praised Trump for his brilliant leadership and decision-making policies on Celebrity Apprentice.

“You fired Gary Busey. And these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night,” he said.

The irony of this video is that 36 hours after giving the go order for the mission that would kill Osama bin Laden, Obama is roasting Trump about making important decisions. Trump seems to be in good spirits about Obama’s cutting remarks.

Other White House videos that hold a high ranking on C-SPAN’s YouTube Channel are the president’s announcement that Bin Laden has been killed with close to 5 million views as of Friday and the video of Seth Meyers joking that Bin Laden was hiding in plain sight is close to 2 million views.

Obama’s speech is entertaining even though he does poke fun at his wife Michelle for grabbing the Easter candy bags from the children he’d just handed out to them.