Obama Supporters Flock To Facebook During Acceptance Speech

By Jennifer Moire 

Last week, AllFacebook looked at the reaction on Facebook to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney‘s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. As a follow-up, we tracked public posts on Facebook when President Barack Obama had his turn Thursday night in Charlotte, N.C., at the Democratic National Convention.

While there was nothing that compared to the empty chair meme, the reaction on the social network was swift and varied.

Posts appeared 10 times over and every second.  Our informal observations revealed that users from both sides of the aisle joined Facebook to comment, like, and share reaction from multiple platforms and across the U.S.

The campaign, as well as advocacy groups, leveraged the sharing power of Facebook and the platform’s unique ability to influence voters through the power of friend-to-friend communications. Here are some examples:

Obama for America, the campaign’s grassroots organizing arm, launched a fundraising appeal midway through the speech.

Obama’s campaign arm for gay rights posted on marriage equality, intending for it to be shared across Facebook.

It also shared this post, urging supports to stand with “My President.”

Facebook users shared news photos of the president delivering his speech as the address unfolded.

Romney’s campaign used the president’s primetime address to get his supporters fired up via Facebook.

And of course, Facebook users weren’t shy about sharing their feelings for the president, or his remarks.

To demonstrate their support on Facebook, users posted applause lines from the speech that friends could like or share, which serves to drive the message home.

By the end of the speech, the Obama campaign’s Facebook page showed that 2. 6 million users were talking about the president.

Readers: If you watched the convention, did you share your reaction to the president’s speech on Facebook?