O Music Awards Announces Categories and Nominees

By Devon Glenn 

MTV, VH1, and CMT today announced the full list of the nominees (and a few new categories) for the O Music Awards: a celebration of technology, music, and extreme internet fandom.

Pop culture and technology change too quickly to be tied down to any one set of categories. New awards this year include a “Most Inspiring Fan Outreach” award for engaging fans online, an “Analog Genius” award for teaching an old technology a new trick, the “Friday, Friday Award” for trends we hope are not around long enough to make the list at next year’s awards ceremony, and the “Next Big Scene”: a must-read list of previously-unheard-of musical genres that you need to memorize right now.

Fans who work their social networks will determine the outcome of this awards show. Voting for the 4th annual OMAs is happening right now on OMusicAwards.com. The 24-hour live-streamed show will commence on June 19 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

The categories and nominees are:

Digital Genius Award (Winner: Artist)

Best Web-Born Artist (Winner: Artist)

Best Music App (Winner: Developer)

  • Scape
  • Vjay
  • Timbre
  • CrowdSYNC
  • Jukely

Best Interactive Music Video (Winner: Artist)

Fan Army FTW (Winner: Artist)

Best Music Hack (Winner: Developer)

  • Bonhamizer
  • Leap Orchestra
  • Maebe
  • Tweet Concrete
  • Boil the Frog

Must Follow Artist on Twitter (Winner: Artist)

Best Artist Instagram (Winner: Artist)

Our Favorite Musical Cat (Winner: Cat)

  • Lil Bub
  • Keyboard Cat
  • Skifcha The Hipster Dubstep Cat
  • Collective Soul Cat
  • CatCERTO

Too Much Ass for TV (NSFW Music Videos) (Winner: Artist)

Make a Band Famous

Next Big Scene

  • PostDubStep
  • CloudRap
  • Beats
  • #Seapunk
  • Vaporwave

Analog Genius Award (Winner: Artist)

  • Jack White
  • Beck
  • Neil Young
  • Shone

Most Inspiring Fan Outreach (Winner: Artist)

  • Dan Deacon
  • Avicii x You
  • Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
  • Alicia Keys

The “Friday, Friday” Award (Winner: Artist/Originator)

  • Harlem Shake (the faux dance)
  • Flash Mobs
  • Goats yelling like humans in music videos
  • Twerking
  • Lip Dubs

Open Nominations

If you’d like to write in your nomination for the O Music Awards Open Nominations, tweet the name of the nominee and use one of these category hashtags:

  • #OMADigitalGenius
  • #OMAWebBornArtist
  • #OMAMusicApp
  • #OMAInteractiveVideo
  • #OMAFanArmyFTW
  • #OMAMusicHack
  • #OMAMustFollowTwitter
  • #OMAArtistInstagram
  • #OMAMusicalCat
  • #OMATooMuchAss
  • #OMANextBigScene
  • #OMAAnalogGenius
  • #OMAFanOutreach
  • #OMAFridayFriday

O Music Awards Super Fan

You know who else is nominated? You are.  There’s a Super Fan Award waiting for the person who best whips his or her followers into a voting frenzy during the voting period.  You’ll be judged either on your own activity, or on the activity that you generate with your voting page. The winner will announced during the show, will receive a personalized cube award, and will also be featured on the O Music Awards blog.