NYT Social Media Editor Liz Heron on Guidelines: ‘Don’t Be Stupid’

By David Cohen Comment

The New York Times social media editor Liz Heron discussed her newspaper’s social media guidelines, or lack thereof, at the BBC’s Social Media Summit in London.

As reported by Lost Remote, Heron said at the event:

We tell our journalists and encourage them to not just think about it as distribution and promotion. In fact, if you just think about it only as distribution, you’re not getting what you can out of social media, the most that you can, which is really about user interaction, engagement, and newsgathering.

We really want them to have a strategy so they know how to use it well. Develop relationships, reply when people talk to you. We don’t really have any social media guidelines. We basically just tell people to use common sense and don’t be stupid.

We want to do a lot more projects where we build platforms around our journalism. We really want to start focusing on Facebook more. Facebook is this huge community that journalists haven’t really figured out how to interact with it in the best way yet.