NY Times Writers to Answer Quora Queries

By David Cohen Comment

New York Times senior financial writer Diana B. Henriques, Sunday Business section columnist Gretchen Morgenson, and deputy national editor Adam Bryant will answer Quora users’ questions about their respective new books the next three Tuesdays.

The three scribes will be on Quora from 3 p.m.-4 p.m. ET, and the comment rotation is: Henriques July 19, Morgenson July 26, and Bryant Aug. 2. In fact, Henriques is already posting answers to some questions, including: What did Bernie Madoff think his endgame was? Did the banks and hedge funds that dealt with Madoff know about the fraud? How did Madoff manage to pull off his Ponzi scheme, given the high level of sophistication of his clients? And how did he manage to fool so many smart investors?

Henriques is the author of Wizard of Lies, a look at the Madoff scandal. Morgenson is the co-author of Reckless Endangerment, about the mortgage crisis and the corruption and regulatory failures that led to it. And Bryant penned The Corner Office, based on his column of the same name.

New York Times associate managing editor Jim Schachter posted on Quora:

About six weeks ago, my New York Times colleague, Aron Pilhofer, and I visited Quora to brainstorm with Charlie Cheever and Marc Bodnick about how our organizations might work together. One idea we came up with was having Times journalists who’ve recently published books come on Quora to field questions from the community.

Happily, three very talented friends from my days in Business Day agreed to be guinea pigs. I’m pleased to announce that over the next three Tuesdays, these Times journalists will be on the site answering questions related to their new books.