Nothing Influences Shoppers More Than Their Friends — TurnTo Launches Social Shopping

By celestewhitehead Comment

In 2011, companies will be looking towards social commerce to help boost sales and profits. TurnTo is a company that is making it their mission to prove the power of social interaction to retailers and e-commerce stores, through product sharing and social merchandising.

Product reviews and word-of-mouth advertising have given consumers the added confidence they want when they make in-store purchases. However, for online shoppers, two of the basic concerns include them needing more information on their purchase and privacy for their personal information from credit card numbers to what they purchased.

TurnTo is looking forward to blending the power of social networking with product reviews, to provide an added reference for shoppers. For those that are shopping through the online stores utilizing TurnTo’s service, can see what their friends are shopping for and see what people in their area are purchasing by simply entering their zip code. When it comes to privacy TurnTo has a system in place for consumers, where they are able to limit how much or how little information is provided to their friends and family on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once a purchase has been made an overlay appears thanking the shopper for making a purchase and asks if they would like other shoppers to see the purchase they made.

So what is in-store for TurnTo in the New Year? They are currently focusing their attention on expanding their “social commerce technology” to more merchants and building their e-commerce services. Will it help businesses build profits and improve their sales? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, if this service is successful, it will be another tool to change the way you shop with online retailers.