Not Digging That Digg? Undigg!

By David Cohen Comment

Having second thoughts about that Digg? No worries: There’s an Undigg button now.

Digg announced on its blog that after users Digg a story, the Digg button now becomes an Undigg button, which can be used at any time to reverse that dicey Digg decision. From the blog post, complete with a humorous anecdote about CEO Matt Williams:

When Matt Williams joined Digg as our CEO, one of the first things he did was spend time getting to know the Digg community and how Digg works. One of the second things he did was Digg History of the Thong [Infographic].

One of these two things was not entirely on purpose.

So believe us when we say that Matt was particularly excited about our latest update: You can now undo Diggs.

After Digging a story, the Digg button will turn into an Undigg button; click the Undigg button and your Digg will be removed. You don’t have to Undigg immediately, you can Undigg a story days or months later via any page with a Digg button (like your profile’s list of Dugg stories, MyNews, or Upcoming).

When you Undigg a story, we: decrease its Digg count by one; factor the Undigg into the Top News promotion algorithm; remove it from your profile page in both the Digg activity and All activity sections; remove you from the Who Dugg This? section on stories; and, finally, remove the Digg activity from your MyNews and the MyNews of everyone following you.