REPORT: Facebook Dominates Social Network Usage In The Middle East

By David Cohen 

NorthwesternMiddleEastChart650Not surprisingly, Facebook was found to be the dominant social network in the Middle East in a new study by Northwestern University in Qatar and the Doha Film Institute.

The study found that Twitter was a distant second in the region, followed by Google Plus and Instagram, adding that at least seven other social networks are used in the Middle East, but none by more than 10 percent of Internet users.

On Facebook specifically, the study said:

Facebook is, by far, the most popular social network in the MENA (Middle East and north Africa) region, used by nearly twice as many internet users as Twitter, its nearest rival. More than 90 percent of Internet users are on Facebook in five of the six countries covered in this study. Only in Qatar is Facebook used by fewer than three-quarters of those on the internet (70 percent), driven by very low use among Qatari nationals. Only one-third of Qatari citizens use Facebook, and they are considerably more likely to use Instagram (46 percent) and as likely to use Twitter as Facebook (37 percent and 36 percent, respectively). Facebook has much more popularity among expats living in Qatar (75 percent Arab, 85 percent Asian, and 87 percent Western expats). Facebook use is equally strong across nationalities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, although slightly lower among Asian expats overall. Among social network users, Facebook is consistently the most appealing to all sub-groups in the overall population, as well as across all levels of education.

Readers: Did any of these findings surprise you?